Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wing Linux has a New Web Site!

So, yeah. We've got a new site!

For a while, we've been graciously using SourceForge's hosted app functionality for our web site. However, we've outgrown the capabilities of that service a bit and have switched over to a new web site engine. We're still hosted on SourceForge, but now we have our own Trac installation, which lets us do all sorts of neat things, like modify the way tickets work, change themes, add functionality to the wiki, plugins galore!

So check it out! All the old content has been moved over to the new site (including all the history), and if you've been using our main address, you'll go straight there.

For those who don't have it, you can get to us via

There's only one downside I can see so far to this transition -- no email notification of changes. However, that can be mitigated by RSS feed subscriptions. You can subscribe to three different feeds:

  • In the "Timeline" section, this feed will give you all site activity changes when they happen. This includes ticket changes, wiki updates, etc.
  • In the "View Tickets" section, this feed will give you updates whenever tickets are added or removed from a report.
  • Individual ticket changes can be subscribed to with their RSS feeds as well. If you submit a bug, this is a good feed to subscribe to so you can track the changes.

So, enjoy the new site, lemme know if something goes wrong. This site, unlike the other one, allows wiki edits by anyone registered (and registration is free and open to anyone, with or without a sourceforge account [please don't abuse it!]). So feel free to make updates and fix things if you see them.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Linwizard and Wing Linux Join Forces for Kernel Sprint

For a while now, we've been slowly making progress in moving our Wing Linux kernel code into mainstream Linux. We're hoping to change that soon...

When:Saturday, July 31st @ 9:00pm UTC
Where:#wing-linux and #linwizard on freenode
What:The first ever Linwizard / Wing Linux Kernel Sprint (click for details)

We're joining forces with the Linwizard project for a day of hacking, testing, and Making Stuff Work™. The Linwizard project (specifically ali1234 and miknix, thanks!) have worked hard in the last few weeks to organize this event, and we're hoping for a good turnout.

Here's what's going to happen -- we're taking the current mainline Linux tree and we're porting all the board support drivers we have for all devices in Wing Linux over to it. What this means in particular is that we will be closer to no longer needing to support our own kernel tree. This'll mean easier development effort, and faster releases (I'm talking about 0.5 here!), not to mention a much better chance at supporting new Android releases (2.x and beyond).

We want testers.

We want developers.

We want anyone interested in the project.

If this is you, join us on IRC this Saturday for a day of hacking, testing, and (hopefully) fun! Everyone is welcome -- no experience necessary! So break out your old device and let's see if we can breath new life into it!

EDIT: For those of you who aren't familiar with IRC, you can join us easily by going here. Just fill in a username and click "connect"!