Friday, April 2, 2010

Of Puppies and...well, Puppies

Wow, have I seriously not posted since the end of January? Wow, guess that's one new year's resolution I'm not sticking too.

So, uh, things have been busy for me, though sadly not with Wing Linux. In early February we got a new border collie puppy named Rigel. If you've ever had a puppy, you know how much of a handful they can be. Even worse if they're a border collie puppy -- they're smart, full of energy, and get into all kinds of trouble.

...Which explains the last couple of months. Yes, he's cute. Yes, he's trouble. Behold:

Yeah, that's four-month old Rigel jumping our baby gate. He discovered he could do that about two weeks after we got him.

So, as you might imagine, he's been very busy (as have we) with puppy training classes. He's just finished the first 6-week course of puppy kindergarten and we're in the waiting period for puppy junior high.

Sadly, this means I haven't had much time at all to devote to this project, and it seems many of the other devs have become very busy themselves. I really am hoping to be able to get back to it soon, but things aren't looking too promising right now, which is a real shame, because we have a lot of exciting things on the horizon. We'll see, maybe I'll be able to get into it soon. As always, help is welcomed.

As for me, I'll be busy turning a rather cute but very energetic puppy into a really sweet dog (which he's rapidly becoming). And after that: agility!

Oh, and by the way, if any of you have or are looking into getting a puppy any time soon, consider going into clicker training. We were skeptical of it at first, but it has proved to be an amazing technique for training quickly. We've even taught our other 6-year-old dog new tricks! Highly recommended.