Friday, November 5, 2010

Wing Linux, the Sleeping Robot

So it's been a while since I wrote here, and in that time a number of you have been wondering (rightfully so) what's been happening.

Let me start off: We haven't stopped! I promise! We've just...slowed down a bit. I think things will start to pick up soon.

So, what's been keeping us for so long? Well, this is a volunteer project, primarily run by one. And that one has been REALLY REALLY busy lately. So, unfortunately not much has been done.

That being said, the linwizard folks have been working pretty steadily on LCD detection code that we hope will ease the inclusion of all those board files we wrote in our kernel sprint into the mainline kernel.

To that end, they've posted a request on their mailing list -- go check it out!

More kernel patches continue to be merged upstream, and we're slowly closing in towards not needing to maintain our own kernel tree anymore. However, with only one or two of us working on this, it's hard to keep it going sometimes.

As far as a 0.5.0 release goes, there's no timeframe for that at the moment. Since most of our work lately has focused on the kernel, we don't have very many user-visible features in place right now (and we haven't been working on much of that either).

So, more than ever, if you or anyone you know is a developer and would like to get in on this stuff, feel free! The code is out there, free for the taking and hacking on. The only way we can go faster is with more time or hands, and time is hard to come by. So please, help out if you can! (Hint hint, Android work is there for the taking -- we're all doing kernel work right now :)

The documentation on our site should be enough to get you going with a checkout. If you run into trouble, though, please let us know so we can fix/extend the documents. I want to make this as easy for people to get into as possible, so please let me know what I can do to that end!

Happy hacking!