Thursday, August 6, 2009

Moving along...

So, we've somewhat changed the focus of the project.

No longer are we specifically targeting the Wing/Herald. We are now targeting OMAP850 based devices, in general. We aim to get a working and useful Linux and Android userspace on these devices.

We're nearing the 0.4pre3 release, which may be a release candidate.

HTC Gene/HTC Opal support is coming along nicely, and may be included soon.

We have a lot to look forward to, so stay tuned!


  1. Guys, how can I contact you in real time? Have some questions :-) Thanks in advance

  2. We've got the Wing Linux forums which you can find from the main project page at We've also got IRC: #wing-linux on freenode.

    - d

  3. Hi guys I have an Artemis and install yesterday your files,the rootfs and hermes files, touchscreen and GSM works fine, but have issues with hardkeys. Will be wonderful that you can add support for Artemis too.

  4. woo guys you are good XDD i spec the final version-(herald)

  5. Installed 0.4pre3 2 days ago. Rotation works great. Brightness control also works fine. Still cannot make APN work and unfortunately neither suspend nor switching off does not work. Great work any way! Really looking forward to see next builds!