Saturday, August 15, 2009

Releases, Devices, Support, Oh My!

It's been rather hectic lately for the Wing Linux project since we did our most recent development release. What started as a small little project to try and get Linux and Android running on a Herald has turned into seemingly something much bigger -- we've got requests coming in for all kinds of device support now. Gene, Artemis, Opal, Elf and Elfin...whew! Sometimes I find myself having trouble keeping up with it all.

...Especially being one of the only developers on the project.

Now that the focus of the project has opened up a bit, I'm finding it more and more difficult to keep up. I posted a help wanted on Sourceforge recently for anyone willing to put in some time to maintain the project for their particular device. If you're reading this and thinking you'd like to help, check it out -- I could use all the help I can get. Even help with answering questions on the forums would take a huge load off of me, but if you can write a little C code and are intersted in learning, we'd be glad to have you.

We're looking to start supporting more and more devices in the future. There's a lot of OMAP850-based devices out there, and I can't do it alone. Care to join? :)


  1. Hey ppl. Thumbs up for what ou're doing, but can you pls answer a few questions regarding the whole Android on HTC projecT?

    Is Wi-Fi working on HTC Herald? And is the Android market usable? By usable I mean can a user download and use apps via Wi-Fi? Just like on a real device.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. @pecavuk:

    Check out our wiki for the latest status:

    Quick and dirty, wifi does not work, but GPRS does for many.

    - d

  3. Hi, thanks for this. Really.. Installed 0.4pre4 on TMobile Dash/HTCs620/Excalibur. Mostly get "android.process.acore" and "". Noticed that the sim card can not be accessed. Shows signal strength and that the carrier is TMobile, IMEI, My phone #, etc. Will not show contacts. Tried mounting it from terminal but could not find it. Also, noticed that the wizard allows you to dial out, caller can hear you, but not vice-versa. Am I missing something. I saw video with Wizard booting the kernel, I can't see much of a difference on what is hotplugging to tell if I am. The numeric keys are off. I noticed when I was trying to find a way to access the sim card, while entering the pin the numbers display when "Y,U,I,H,J,K,M" (I believe those are the keys as I do not currently have the phone in front of me) are pressed. Hope this helps. Question is the plan to eventually get a rom to be flashed built for whatever phone is in question?
    Thank you again a million times. Your efforts are very much appreciated....

  4. Hi,

    I was explorin the file system to find why the APN information is not adding. in the release version 0.4.2 pre4 for HTC Elf.I came to know from this web site that there is no telephony.db in the rootfs.tar.gz.

    The folder structure in the rootfs.tar.gz has to be in this way


    I think the Wing linux for Elf has to be updated with this database and have to release a as updated version.

    I am sorry if I am wrong in this. In APns config file the APNS entry is there for all countries.


  5. Your Android for the HTC Wizard (alias Orange SPV M3000) isnt working proper! The first thing i noticed is that the Touchscreen is not calibrated after the calibration in the booting time. i couldnt find a calibration program in your OS! If you know better please tell me where to find it!

  6. One other thing that i noticed is that the query keyboard has some problems in inserting the right symbols! It has the symbols from the HTC from the picture you have on and that is not good! please try to see to this bugs!