Sunday, January 31, 2010

Blog posting: FAIL

So I apparently fail at keeping an up-to-date blog about my happenings and whatnot, seeing as I haven't posted since Thanksgiving last year. So, um...Happy holidays, happy new year, and all that stuff!

With that out of the way, let's get down to business.

A lot has happened over the past month or two (or three...). In short:

  • I'm now a certified Scrum Master! Woo! For those not familiar with Scrum, it's an Agile methodology for software project management. I got it primarily for work, but there's a lot of things that can be applied to development in general, I've found.

  • A friend of mine gave me a couple free phones, one of which is an HTC Kaiser. This thing is neat! Twice as fast and twice as much memory as my HTC Herald, and runs Android Eclair like a dream! Don't fear though, I won't be giving up my Wing anytime soon -- I gave the device to my wife, as she's been wanting to try and Android phone for a while. And, quite frankly, the Android on HTC project is just too complete. :) I did learn something interesting out while working with their project though: They use linux 2.6.25, same as Wing Linux. Which leads to...

  • Hacking on Android Eclair for Wing Linux is underway. Having found that we indeed don't need a newer kernel, I've built a test image or two and have been working on making it usable. Still a ways to go, but pretty neat watching the Nexus One boot splash on my device. :)

  • Audio support for Wing Linux is very nearly complete! This means MP3's, ring tones, and possibly even two-way audio during calls without having to boot in during a call. Imagine that! Thanks to everyone who's made this possible (and there's a lot)!

  • Two new devices have entered patches for our next version -- the HTC Vox and the HTC Charmer. Awesome!

  • Our IRC channel, #wing-linux, has reached a record number of users this week at 23! We're growing...
OK, maybe not that short. But definitely some cool stuff. Maybe I can shorten the time between posts here too... :)

Happy hacking!


  1. great work guys! cant wait for more releases! u rock!

  2. i am waiting for sound in android :D where I can colaborate with the project ? do you have paypal account ?

    best regards

  3. man ur the man!
    thanx for all ur hard work
    whens the launch of newer version.
    waiting eagerly
    hatsssssssss offfffffff

  4. please present every step in the project to know that he is alive .. There is possibility to use any skin / theme for the version we use

    thanks in advance!.. 5 stars!

  5. Im following the project almost every day! keep goin dudes! got a HTC opal, if u need people that report bugs, im here! :D

  6. I broke my Prophet a while ago, so I couldn't test the trunk. Will get my Wizard tomorrow, so please keep up your great work!

  7. quote: Luis Puentes..

    yes me too.. if u need people.. my wing it's ready...

    sorry for my english-google..

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  9. Any chances to view android on HTC tornado ? (qtek 8310 | i-mate s5)

    Can i help? (as owner of device)

  10. Hi there, I need a help please... I am trying desperately to make winglinux 0.4.2 work on my QTEK 9100 with MiniSD of 4GB, but after haret boots it gives me some secs of lines scrolling and then it stops trying to mount /dev/ on /mnt/ and says the device does not exists... any idea ?

  11. Hi!
    Are there any news about HTC vox or is there a way I can install wing linux on it?


  12. great news! i just loaded up winglinux on my HTC Pharos and am quite impressed, with how much actually works! can't wait for audio to work, and of course for the eclair port